2018 Spring Run

Picture courtesy of the Bucks Herald.

Traditionally the first Club Event of the year after our annual Dinner in February is the Spring Run.

This year nine cars met at The Waddesdon Deli, Westcott Venture Park, on Saturday April 21st, where we started the day with a substantial breakfast.  After breakfast we were given a briefing and handed our Tulip roadbooks for the drive along mainly country roads to The Imperial War Museum’s site at Duxford, to the south of Cambridge.

The Duxford site is very extensive, and we spent a pleasant day in the sunshine wandering through the hangars where restoration and maintenance work was being carried out on the famous planes, and watching a variety of Spitfires, Mustangs and other iconic planes taking off, landing and beating up the airfield. Another fascinating building holds the American collection, which includes the enormous B52 bomber, a B17 Flying Fortress, a B29 Superfortress, an SR-71 Blackbird stealth bomber and lots, lots more.

It was a great start to the year and one we will continue to organise.

Any suggestions for next year?

For full details of this event and other news please see our May Newsletter.

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