Alan & John’s MG Memories

At the October Club Night we were treated to a talk by Alan Dyson and John Passmore about their experiences in the motor trade over the last 5 decades, particularly their relationship with MG and with Motor sport.  Both have had incredibly varied careers, and entertained us with a selection of their memories, supported by photographs and by a wealth of relevant material displayed on side tables, for browsing before their talk and in the interval.

Alan’s career led him from working in dealerships around Aylesbury into motor sport, marshalling and racing his Midget, and vehicle restoration in his own workshop, which he combined with running a wedding hire business with his two immaculately rebuilt pre-war Rolls-Royces.  John’s early passion was for T-Type MGs in his native Australia, but his interest in motor sport and the motor industry led to his settling in Britain to pursue his passion. He continues his interest in MGs, having recently put his J2 Midget on the road again after several decades of restoring it!

Two very interesting characters, so not surprisingly we had a very enjoyable and entertaining evening.

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