August 2019 Drive and Dine

Our August Club Night featured a Drive and Dine from the Bottle and Glass Pub/Restaurant in Gibraltar, near Aylesbury.  The start was earlier than usual – 18.30 instead of 20.00 – to allow time for the Drive and Diners to congregate, sign in, study the menu, order their meals and to listen to a (very) short brief before setting off on the run.


The weather had been fine during the day, so attendance was good – 27 members turned up to enjoy the event, and all had remembered to print off their Tulip roadbooks!!  A first.  With a quick drink consumed and the meals for later ordered, the participants set off.  The run was 32 miles through the lovely Chiltern countryside, and an hour had been allowed for completion.  In the event, no-one got lost (except Brian and Karen who took a wrong turn and ended up on somebody’s drive, but quickly returned to the correct route) – another first – and all returned in good time, having experienced a mild shower along the way, not enough to raise hoods.  The participants all agreed that they had thoroughly enjoyed the run, which made the work involved in planning, reconnoitring and specifying the route worthwhile.

The staff at The Bottle were very efficient, and the meals arrived in good time shortly after everyone had returned.  Aside from the risotto which was judged to be on the dry side, the food was well received and enjoyed, and so a big thanks to the staff of The Bottle and Glass for hosting us on the evening.

Thankfully the showers held off, so we were able to enjoy the drive home to finish off a very enjoyable evening.

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