August Club Night – Akeman Run and Dine

Twelve cars carrying 21 people arrived to participate in the run

A circular route of some 33 miles was organised to take in some of the picturesque villages in west Buckinghamshire.

The first car back was (David and Richard in the MGF), followed not long after by the all-girl team of Mary, Karen and Jackie in the Yellow Peril, hotly pursued by Peter and Jill, who had tried hard to catch them up from the penultimate Tulip (80-plus mph on the A41 – bad boy, Peter!) In the event, only one team took a wrong turn (John and Linda), so we were very happy with the result – everybody seemed to enjoy the run, even those who had scraped exhausts on the single track section leading up to the Granborough crossroads! We had been given a separate alcove area to use in the dining room at The Akeman, and after some shuffling of tables to be more sociable, made ourselves comfortable.

We had pre-booked our meals before setting off, and the food arrived shortly after our return, so we all tucked in with relish. As with last year, the food was very good, and so we were impressed with this and the quality of service, so well done to the catering staff at the Akeman. This was again a very successful evening, and we all agreed that the mid-summer run and dine will be a fixture in our events calendar in the coming years.

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