Bicester Heritage October Scramble

Sunday October 6th at Bicester Heritage saw the last Scramble of the 2018 season.  There were plenty of MGs in evidence, both in the public car park and in the Technical site.  The complex is growing bigger every visit, both in its importance to the Classic Car industry, and in size as more buildings are restored and specialist services move in.  There is even a micro brewery on the site, and there are plans in hand to build an hotel in the near future.  There was an impressive number of both visitors and cars of every age and marque for this, the last scramble of the year, and visitors were still arriving well beyond midday, although the official closing time was 14.00.  All the specialist companies on-site had thrown open their doors to the public, and it was absolutely fascinating to stroll around the site, to see the work being undertaken and to speak to the specialists themselves, as well as examining the sometimes rare and valuable cars at close quarters.  A fascinating day out, and we would recommend anyone who hasn’t yet attended  a Sunday Scramble to look out for the dates in 2019, and go along to one of them.

( The photo is of a rare MG K3 on display outside one of the dealer’s premises).

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