Chesham Natter Quiz Night

Six Club Members – Dave & Heather Barton, Adrian & Jackie Bennett and Clive & Helen Wayland, drove over to the Chesham  Natter for their Quiz Night on Monday 21st October, in the Chartridge Golf Club – and ideal venue as it has a very large club room and bar.  There were 7 teams of six taking part, and to identify ourselves we called our team “The Aylesbury M’Ducks”.

The Quiz consisted of 8 rounds of ten questions each, and an ongoing marathon round in which we had to identify a whole load of company logos, some quite familiar, others not so!  So, having purchased beer to nourish the little grey cells, we settled down to concentrate on answering the questions.  We started off slowly, in the middle of the pack after the first couple of rounds, but by the intermission we had fought our way up to second place (not helped by picking up just 3 points on the Pot Luck round!), so were glad of a chance to recharge our glasses at half time and to collect our meals.  Chesham had laid on a choice of 3 dishes – chicken curry, lasagne and bangers and mash, all of which were both plentiful and delicious.


The food seemed to do the trick, as The M’Ducks stormed into the lead after the first couple of rounds after the break – we even scored a maximum ten points on the Food Anagram round, which featured a couple of real stinkers such as sweet and sour chicken and hot cross buns, but they didn’t fool us!  So, after the eighth round we were just one point ahead with just the marathon round to be scored.  But, sadly, when this was added to the totals, The Ducks missed out by a single point to the winning team.  Still, we felt we had upheld the honour of the club, so were not unduly down-hearted, especially when we considered that the winning team is required to compile next year’s quiz …..

A highly enjoyable and well- organised event, and so a very big thank you to Richard and Christa Colston and the rest of the Gang at Chesham.

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