Day Out at Stonor Park Craft Fair, Bank Holiday Monday

At last the sun shone on us for one of our organised events – and what a scorcher the day turned out to be!

Nine cars (ten cars if you counted Dave and Heather, who had attendeded on the Saturday as they were going to be in Portugal on the day) arrived for the usual breakfast roll and drink at The Bell in Stoke Mandeville before we set off to Stonor.  And while we waited for the chef to do his stuff, a very pleasant surprise awaited us in the form of of Brian and Karen’s new MG making its debut.  This is a fabulous VA Sports Saloon in the classic and iconic MG livery of brown and cream – with its gleaming chrome and plethora of typical MG touches such a dashboard to die for and little MG badges in the headlights, it really was a sight to gladden the eye.


Brian and Karen’s new MG                                                  Waiting for the off at The Bell

After breakfast we set off  in convoy for Stonor, David P-B leading as he was familiar with the route  (John Mullins dropped out in Princes Risborough – he had joined us for breakfast but had a prior commitment for the rest of the day). We managed to stay together until we were in the middle of Chinnor, and then negotiating the randomly parked cars unfortunately separated some of us from the main body of MGs.  No matter: we had agreed to meet up in front of the Crown in Pishill, and so we did no matter which route we had taken to it.  From there it was a short hop to Stonor Park, where by good fortune we all managed to  park up together.

Arranging to meet up for lunch, we went our separate ways to look at the attractions and goods on offer at the craft fair, which seemed bigger and more crowded than two years ago when we were last there – no doubt the weather helped.  The craft items on offer were extremely diverse and  of uniform high quality, with unfortunately a price tag to match.  Still, most of us seemed to find items we couldn’t resist, so it was a very worthwhile visit.  However, the heat began to take its toll, and we wandered back to the cars for a sociable lunch, which we took under the shelter of a very convenient tree.  Afterwards, some of us went back into the fair ground to purchase those items we decided to have a second thought on, and others began to wend their way home.  A really good day out.

The one casualty of the day was the club’s banner – in its last outing some essential small parts seem to have gone missing, so it will no longer erect properly, and we may have to look for another one if it cannot be repaired/modified satisfactorily.  A job for the closed season?

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