F1 Grand Prix BBQ 2019

Sunday 14th July was the day of the British F1 Grand Prix at Silverstone, and as is traditional for our club, we gathered together to celebrate this sporting occasion with a barbecue.  Hosting the BBQ again this year were Peter and Jill Mansfield, so 14 of us foregathered at around midday at their house for the event.  The weather was forecast to be overcast until the afternoon with the temperature due to reach around 21 degrees C, but I would be surprised if it was as warm as that, although the sun peeked from behind the clouds occasionally just to remind us that it really was summer.

The gentlemen present retired to watch the race, whilst the ladies chatted and partook of liquid refreshment.  The race itself was one of the more exciting of the season so far with a number of incidents that caused the pundits amongst us to debate the issues in lively fashion, but the result was very satisfactory from a British point of view with Lewis Hamilton coasting home to an easy win following some superb tactical decisions form the Mercedes team.  Interestingly, Britain did really well in another sporting event, winning the Cricket World Cup in what was acknowledged to be the most exciting final ever for this event (Jack Martin had his fingers in his ears and was la-la-la-ing loudly to himself whilst the rest of us kept up with the scoring, as he had recorded the match to watch later!)

After the GP Peter flashed up the barbecue, helped by Kurt Mueller as can be seen in the photograph, and we all sat down to enjoy a fine meal rounded off by excellent desserts provided by the ladies.  So a very big thank you to Peter and Jill for once again hosting us, and the ladies for providing the desserts.

A very enjoyable  event, one of the most sociable in our calendar, and it remains a mystery to me why it is not better attended by our club members.

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