Pete Giles’ Open Day

Long-time friend of the Club, Pete Giles, threw open the doors of his workshop on Sunday 11th August for an open day for his customers, our club members and other MG enthusiasts.  An exemplary host, Pete had provided refreshments in the form of a barbecue and drinks a plenty – just as well, as the turnout on the day was very good.  We had the opportunity to meet and talk to other MG owners from around the area, and to publicise the benefits of  being a member of our active and sociable club, so who knows?  Hopefully we may see some new faces as a result.

Pete was on hand to inspect our cars on his ramp, and to offer advice for those with actual or potential problems or concerns – and those that know him are aware that he is a positive fount of knowledge on all aspects of our cars, so many attendees took advantage of the opportunity to pick his brains.  Of our members, David P-B was anxious to look at an oil leak from his MGF, which seemed to be coming from the front of the engine, and Brian Deacon was keen to inspect the underside of his RV8, which turned out to be in very good fettle, much to his relief.  Also, Dave Barton consulted Pete about a slight but long-term and mysterious coolant weep from his RV8, which appears and disappears seemingly randomly and is very difficult to isolate.  This caused quite a discussion, with Pete suggesting that the coolant may be seeping out and forming little globules at the end of a hose at the canvas lining. The discussions have given Dave food for thought for his ongoing investigations.

The barbecue food was excellent, the lads wielding the spatulas did a fine job and there was plenty for all, washed down with a choice of beer – perfect for a sunny Sunday afternoon.  A very warm vote of thanks to Pete Giles for so generously giving of his time and expertise on the day, not to mention the fine food and drink on offer!

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