Pride of Ownership Event

July 3rd was our annual Pride of Ownership (PoO) event, one of our major events in the year. This particular Monday evening proved to be an ideal one; the weather was gorgeous, a hot day turning into a lovely balmy evening. Alex had let us use the Dairy in Waddesdon Manor, a fabulous venue for this type of event. Based on previous years, we hoped we might have something approaching 30 cars attending the event, to justify using the Dairy.

I was on jury service in Oxford for the two weeks straddling our PoO, so was unsure as to when I would be able to arrive, but in the event we finished at about 15.00 hours, so I was in good time, and we arrived shortly after 18.30 to help with the organisation. Helen and Heather were on the gate, registering the cars and handing out the voting forms, and, as last year, did a splendid job, so many thanks to them. Dave was doing sterling work organising the car park, and I helped him with this once our two cars were parked up and their respective tickets placed in the windscreens.

Judging The cars – Ian canning’s MGB on the left, Richard Colston’s lovely VA on the right

More cars – Brian Deacon’s superb, award winning Morris Cowley in the foreground

And the cars just kept coming. We ran out of space in the main car park, and had to use the parking area in front of the Dairy buildings as an overflow. This year we had introduced a new Class in the judging – for non MGs – and we were gratified to see that a good collection of these were arriving, and they were a splendid sight when parked up among the MGs.

And lots of MGs in the beautiful surroundings of the Dairy in Waddesdon Manor

Alex had as usual arranged to cater for us with the traditional Bangers ‘n’ Mash, which always goes down well, and these were ordered as we registered, to be served after the judging. This was particularly difficult this year, because the standard of the cars was so high. Consequently the judging went on a bit longer than usual – not totally surprising since we counted 52 cars in all, the most I can remember attending the PoO while I have been a member of the Club. But eventually the judging was completed, the forms all filled in and returned, and the food served and consumed, while Dave and I counted up the votes. This was made a bit more difficult because quite a lot of forms had been completed, but without the entrant’s name details, so we had some scrabbling around to identify the owners of some of the winning cars. But we got there in the end, with only one class having a tie (Class E) for the number of votes cast, and Dave and Clive adjudicated on this.

So on to the awarding of prizes, the result of which was:
Class A – MG pre 1962 A3, MG VA Tickford – Richard Colston
Class B – MG ’62 – ’80 Roadsters – B6, MGB Roadster – Brian Rainbow
Class C – MG ’62 – ’80 GTs C3, MGB GTV8 – Pete Thomas
Class D – MGs ’81 – ’01 D5, RV8 – Dave Barton
Class E – MG TF ’02 – ’15 E3, MG TF – Paul Martin
Class F – MG Saloons post ’62 F18, MG ZS – Andrew Napier
Class G – Non-MG G12, Morris Cowley – Brian Deacon
Best Club Car BCC1, MGA 1600 – Adrian Bennett

Assembled in The Dairy, Roche Bentley entertains us

There was a special guest on the night – Roche Bentley, the Secretary of The MG Owner’s Club, had come along, a particular surprise and joy for me, because we had been close friends in theearly days of the MGOC, and Jackie and I hadn’t seen him for many years, as our careers took us in different directions, as they tend to do. So we rather hogged him for a good part of the evening as we caught up with news. After the award of prizes, Roche then took the microphone and entertained us in his own inimitable fashion, and this was very well received – ever the showman, our Roche!!

To close the evening, Clive’s band, The Roof Thieves took over – a bit later than hoped, but the vote counting had taken a bit longer than anticipated and there were many more diners than we had expected – a nice problem to have!!

All in all, this was probably our most successful PoO evening, certainly in my time in the club, and completely vindicated the decision to include the new non-MG class, which attracted some gorgeous cars, including a McLaren F1 and a DeTomaso Pantera, as well as some beautiful old cars. This Class is a must for inclusion in next year’s event!!



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