Quiz Night

Monday December 4th was our quiz night organised by Clive and Helen. In addition to the three teams from our club we had two visiting teams from Chesham MG Club. With the winning team’s prize being a case of 6 bottles of wine it was all to play for.

There were eight rounds with questions on the following subjects. General knowledge, Tv theme tunes, Logos, Christmas songs, Christmas facts, Natural world, 100 years ago, Local (Aylesbury). There were two marathon rounds, one called – touchy feely, ten items in socks to be identified, and one called Shipping areas which turned out to be the clinching round for the winning team.

It was a lively evening helped along with plenty of seasonal mince pies and other Christmas goodies, and there was a good sprinkling of Christmas jumpers in evidence too. With the traditional threat of ‘the winning team sets the questions next year’ Chesham’s suitably named Team Interlopers had a careful plan that was to tactically come third, and they performed this perfectly by coming third equal on 87.5 points. They were just beaten by Team Living Dangerously from Aylesbury on 91.5 points. However in a very successful final round, in which new member Jon Glenny helped the team to correctly identify all 31 Shipping Areas, Team Oily Rags from Chesham had a resounding success with 103 points.

The winning team with Clive looking on in amazement in his Christmas jumper.

Summary of results:

Oily Rags Scored 103 First place, Living Dangerously scored 91.5 Second place, The Interlopers scored 87.5 =Third place, Thame Renegades scored 87.5  =Third place, Lucky Seven Strike scored 77.5 Fifth place

We look forward to next years Quiz Nights at both Clubs!

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  • comment-avatar
    9th December 2017 (2:14 pm)

    What! No sarky comment about elf n safety? 😁

    • comment-avatar
      Dave Barton
      9th December 2017 (3:10 pm)

      Not my style, but I still think it added to the occasion!

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